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New Frontiers in Support of Physical Security

Monday, September 29, 2014 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Location: B405
Education Level: Advanced

The ASIS Physical Security Council has created the Legal and Litigation Support Subcommittee (LLSS) in recognition of the complex role that legal issues play in a range of physical security issues. From activities to reduce liability and risk, to ensure respect for civil liberties, and to assist in developing litigation strategies, legal issues confront security professionals. The LLSS is looking to address these issues and others of interest to the ASIS membership. Participate in a dialogue on legal and litigation issues and help build an agenda for action.

Learning Objectives
Understand the LLSS is a resource to review and examine legal and litigation issues confronting ASIS members.

Understand some of the common legal and litigation issues confrontefd by ASIS members.

Understand how ASIS members can participate in the LLSS


Donald Zoufal
SDI Enterprises

Michael Haggard
Managing Partner
Haggard Law Firm

Steve Surfaro
Industry Liaison
Axis Communications

Michael Haggard
Managing Partner
Haggard Law Firm

Howard Moster CPP, PSP
Senior Partner
Protection Methodologies, Inc.

Michael Crane
Senior Vice President
Hillard Heintze