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Identifing, Analyizing, and Predicting Patterns of Criminal Behavior

Wednesday, October 1, 2014 3:30 PM - 4:30 PM
Location: B308
Education Level: Basic

How does a city analyze crime statistics and then execute crime prevention? Can crime mapping reveal locations not considered? Temporal crime analysis can often reveal trends for different time periods in a city based on location and other factors. Today's crime fighting team includes unique crime analysis toolsets. How can a psychology be used to explain and sometimes predict a higher probabiltiy of violent crime? Consider viewpoints from police, attorneys, and physical security professionals on actaul crime data and predictive methods.

Learning Objectives
Participants will explore how crime analysis can be used to assist in development of programs to address a range of crime and disorder problems.

Participants will hear from crime analysis experts, an attorney and physical security professional about this new level of crime fighting.

Participants will learn how major ciites are compiling crime data and how that data will be available for use by the private sector


Donald Zoufal
SDI Enterprises

Steve Surfaro
Industry Liaison
Axis Communications

Jonathan Lewin
Chicago Police Department