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On the Scene with First Responders

Wednesday, October 1, 2014 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Location: Murphy Ballroom 1
Education Level: Advanced

How do the “the three C’s” happen: collaboration, communication, and cooperation? Explore the six disciplines of first responders and learn how technology plays an important role within each discipline’s story. Hear firsthand accounts that show how cloud computing, mobility, and video surveillance are improving communication in emergencies, from allowing simplified sharing of potential threats and incidents in progress to providing invaluable situation awareness through video. Today, collaboration, communication, and interoperability are not just limited to first responders. Learn how to create a single team that includes manufacturers, systems integrators, monitoring solution providers, and first responders.

Learning Objectives
Understand “the three C’s” and be able to encourage the development and promotion of collaboration, communication and cooperation between their company and first responders.

Understand how technology plays an important role in reducing response time, and improving communication and situation awareness.

Leverage first responders’ experiences and incorporate them into their management team’s intelligence.


Steve Surfaro
Industry Liaison
Axis Communications

Paul MacMillan
MBTA Transit Police Department

Alan Snow
Director, Safety and Security
Boston Properties

Chris Russo
Founder and Executive Vice President