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How to Reshape an Access Control Plan

Tuesday, September 30, 2014 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Location: B206
Education Level: Basic

Whether it’s through a stolen password or access control card, unauthorized individuals can gain access to your facility to commit thefts of assets or intellectual property. Worse yet, life safety and communications systems may be compromised. Replace or upgrade? Reshaping an access control system can have lower cost and wider benefits, but must also deliver ROI. Through a case study, explore how Citigroup has used biometrics, how this technology enhanced multiple services, and how risk was better managed, especially with high value assets.

Learning Objectives
Identify both common and additional issues in the philosophy of physical access control.

Understand one of the most promising opportunities in physical access control cost containment and reduction: mobile device credentialing.

Understand how biometrics are an affordable and secure way to protect campuses and deliver services in addition to being applied to many other purposes.


Shayne BatesX
Director, Security Cloud Strategy at LMC Consulting Group - Microsoft Global Security
LMC Consulting Group

Timothy Meyerhoff
Iris ID

Rudy Wolter
CSIS Director, North America Region

Scott Dunn
Director of Business Development
Axis Communications