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Addressing Cyber Risks to Internet of Things and Building Controls

Tuesday, September 13, 2016 1:45 PM - 3:00 PM
Location: W311H
Education Level: Intermediate

Physical security and other building control systems are core elements of intelligent buildings. They are used to control power, monitor fire and safety, operate elevators, secure workspaces, and control operations. While they used to be stand-alone and proprietary systems, they now are interconnected, use open protocols, and are finding their way onto networks that can be accessed by individuals anywhere in the world. Because these systems are increasingly coming under cyber attack, unique measures are needed to address this risk. Explore the vulnerabilities that can be exploited and the measures that can be used for defense.

Learning Objectives
Understand the risks associated with the Internet of Things and building control systems.

Identify the vulnerabilities used to exploit the Internet of Things and building control systems.

Learn specific recommendations to protect these building control systems.


Salvatore D'Agostino

Coleman Wolf
Security Practice Leader
ESD Global, Inc.

Rodney Thayer
Principle Consultant
Smithee Spelvin Agnew & Plinge, Inc.