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Getting the Most From Your Global Operations Center

Tuesday, September 29, 2015 4:30 PM - 5:30 PM
Location: 204B
Education Level: Intermediate

The global consolidated command center (C3) is a critical component of an effective security organization. But savvy security executives are now learning how to enhance C3’s value proposition by enabling it to solve problems that transcend security, such as facilitating continuity of business operations, preventing and managing safety incidents, and monitoring facilities and equipment sensors. Through the right combination of resources, tools and skilled personnel, the C3 can remotely direct and support on-site responses to a range of urgent matters that could adversely affect business operations. Experts share C3 success stories and make a compelling business case for a global multipurpose C3 that supports business as well as security operations.

Learning Objectives
Identify the necessary components of a true Consolidated Command Center and explain how they support site specific monitoring and control centers throughout the company’s footprint.

Explain how security can support business continuity and other aspects of the company’s business.

Apply what you've learned to build your own business case to support a proactive and effective multi-purpose C3.


Bob Banerjee
Sr. Director of Training and Development
NICE Systems

Andrew Chester
Juno Risk Solutions

Shayne Bates CPP
Principal Consultant
Stratum Knowledge LLC

Shayne Bates
Director, Security Cloud Strategy at LMC Consulting Group - Microsoft Global Security
LMC Consulting Group

James Stewart
Enterprise Security Manager, Global Remote Security Operations
Baker Hughes