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Become a Proactive Security Organization

Monday, September 28, 2015 4:30 PM - 5:30 PM
Location: 204C
Education Level: Intermediate

Some security organizations still get caught up in delivering “gates, guards, and guns.” Others realize the need to evolve beyond this reactive role to maximize their value to the corporation. Corporate security is becoming a business within the business and security managers are becoming both a business enabler and a security professional. Security is rising above the common misperception that it’s only a cost center with no effect on corporate profit or loss. Discover what it takes to become a proactive security organization. Learn how to execute a business-oriented plan by focusing on prediction, prevention, and mitigation.

Learning Objectives
Identify and define adverse incidents and measure their economic impact to the company’s profit and loss balance sheet

and build an intelligence-driven decision making process to predict, prevent and limit the financial impact of such incidents

Instill a prevention culture and mindset in their security organizations and preplan responses to effectively manage and mitigate incidents and crisis situations.


Chris Swecker
Chris Swecker Enterprises

Bob Banerjee
Sr. Director of Training and Development
NICE Systems

Andrew Chester
Juno Risk Solutions

Robert Grant
Vice President Global Security
The Walt Disney Company